Jack Mitchell is a prickly homicide detective living in the suburbs of Sydney Australia. He and his partner Kate are currently working on the biggest case of their careers. They, along with their boss Pete and the rest of their team, are hunting a copycat serial killer. Jack considers himself a protector and the lack of progress on the case is causing him frustration.

Jack and Kate also need to track down Will Blaikie who is the only survivor of the original killer six years ago. Since his kidnapping Will has more or less hidden from the world. He rarely leaves his home and has no friends and little family. His worst fears are realised when he hears about the copycat killer.

When Will is eventually located by the police he refuses their offer of protection. But a “love” letter from the killer addressed to him changes his mind, especially when Jack all but orders him to take the protection. However due to budget cuts the department can’t afford twenty-four hour protection so Jack must spend his nights at Will’s cosy home in order to protect him.

Jack is wary of relationships, having never had one and always believing that as a cop he shouldn’t have one, maybe not even deserve one. Jack is bisexual and his attraction to Will is immediate. He isn’t concerned as it’s only a physical attraction. However as they spend their nights together Jack finds a peace with Will he has never experienced. He admires Will and enjoys his company.

When another man is taken by the killer, the investigation heats up and the threat to Will intensifies. By day Jack continues to investigate the case but by night he finds himself falling for Will. After trying to distance himself from Will, an attack at Will’s place while Jack isn’t there is too much for him to bear and he knows he is the one who must protect Will. Their relationship continues to grow, but both men are unsure how to actually be in a relationship, so they must fumble their way through it together.

When Will finds himself once again at the mercy of a brutal killer, he is determined to survive and get back to Jack. Jack, devastated at losing Will, is almost overwhelmed by his sense of failure at keeping Will safe. He finally understands what true helplessness is. He must fight his own feelings of failure as well as a crazed killer to get Will safely back in his arms.