Ethan Stone has lived a solitary life, never allowing anybody to get too close, ever since he was disowned by his family when he discovered their darkest secret. He spends his days as a quiet sentinel, protecting others to make up for the ones he didn’t. Love, friendship and family have no place in his world. Ben Cronin is a warrior, haunted by a past he excelled at, but which almost robbed him of his humanity. He became a professional bodyguard to save lives rather than take them. And he has loved his stoic colleague, Ethan Stone, from the day they met.

When Ethan’s sister suddenly comes back into his life in desperate need of his help, Ethan doesn’t hesitate to do whatever he needs to do. He’s surprised to find Ben, the man who makes him want things he shouldn’t, right there beside him, risking everything to help him and finally coaxing Ethan’s feelings back to life. A desperate race to find his missing nieces will lead Ethan to a place he never thought he’d be and Ben exactly where he wanted to be—in a life filled with love and desire. But how long can they keep it when evil stalks their every step?