Ryan Lowe has been a lonely nobody all his life. The only time he ever feels the rush of living is when he’s acting. Wanting to get as far away from his small town life and alcoholic father as possible, he leaves Australia to pursue a career as an actor in the bright lights of Hollywood. Too bad he never stopped for a minute to consider the fame that might come with it.

Lucas Evers knows fame. He’s been a successful actor on the small-screen for years and loves his career. Nothing comes for free though, and the price he paid for his success was to keep who he is hidden from the world. He married his best friend to keep both of their secrets and until now he has been content with the cost of his fame.

When Lucas and Ryan are cast in a new television series based on a wildly popular book series everything changes for them. The show is a worldwide hit and together they have just become the most popular ship on the planet. As they begin to realise it’s not just their characters falling in love the cost of their fame rises. Together they must face stalkers, anxiety, panic attacks, and attempted murder.

The price exacted may be too high for either of them. Can they overcome everything fame throws at them and find their happily ever after? Or will it sink their ship, claim their sanity—and maybe even their very lives?