Saved Published

My first ever published book will be available from NineStar Press from the 10th April 2017. I am unbelievably excited that I get to share my stories and I hope that they offer some refuge from the craziness of reality. The entire process had been amazing and I can’t thank BJ Toth and everyone at NineStar Press enough for their support and hard work. Of course, everybody hopes for success but I am just so stoked to be able to publish a book.

Work in Progress 17/03/2017

I am currently working on a few different ideas for more books. Sometimes I can’t think of a single thing and then all of a sudden I have this deluge of ideas and can’t choose which one I want to start with first. I have written a story about a Syrian refugee and an Australian boy who have an inauspicious meeting but soon find themselves on the path to love. I really wrote this for myself as I have been so touched and horrified by the plight of refugees everywhere but especially the horrors occurring in Syria.